Kirsten Dunst interview


Published 7th July 2014 // Flaunt Magazine

Kirsten Dunst is so alarmingly unassuming that, at first, I don’t even notice her standing beside me in a fuzzy pink sweater and blue jeans. She is, perhaps, the kind of performer who can easily swing from red carpet premiere all the way down to our current location: an emptied rave maze in Stoke Newington, with its box office-style marquee that often reads something to the effect of “Nelly’s Dirty 30.”

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Noah (2013) review


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Darren “Requiem for a Dream” Aronofsky has form. Not only that – with a brace of Oscar-winning films, writing/directing Black Swan Natalie Portman and The Ram Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler – he has longed for a project, it seems, to follow up what was the box office flop (though in some circles underrated) The Fountain (2007) – and here he presents Noah (shaven Crowe).

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Jung Chang interview

First published in Flaunt magazine (14 November 2013) //

Concubines, Detective Work, and a Taste for Ibérico

I meet author Jung Chang in a classy Chinese restaurant atop a Kensington hotel in London on a Friday evening, 7 p.m. sharp. She’s ten minutes late and I’m having a beer with the barman, Vittor. He’s Italian but can speak smooth Mandarin, picked up from three years on cocktail duty. Vittor demonstrates by showing someone the toilet in what rings like true, learned dialect. I tell him I can’t speak a word of it, and he balks.

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