1st Sundance London Film and Music Festival Preview

First published on Snipe (25th April 2012) //

The first ever Sundance London Film and Music Festival kicks off later this week, from 26-29th April, with indie-Jesus Robert Redford sticking his boots into everyone’s favourite little indoor town (the O2 Arena in Greenwich, if it wasn’t already your favourite little indoor town).

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Socrates Adams, ‘Everything’s Fine’

First published on The Huffington Post (23rd February 2012) //

In his first novel, Socrates Adams doesn’t seem that bothered about giving you an easy ride. Yes, there’s the humour, a requirement for the ‘alt lit’ canon, and the thread with which he pulls you into his yarn, to have you wince for his characters and cringe through the situations they create for themselves. But it’s not the laughs that make this debut an impressive one.

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