The Duke and Errol, excerpt // The Scrambler

15,061,604 is the 1 // kill author

Scenes from a Garage, 1973 // Carnival Magazine

The Enigma of Hector Hauser // Underground Voices, ‘Hotel Oblivion’

Biography of a man you don’t know, never will, in pictures // Paraphilia Magazine

The Exclamation Mark // Metazen

The Boy Who Said Sorry // Thought Catalog

Cumulo // MiPOesias

Interior // 50 to 1

Black Forest Gateau // The Open End

Venture Capital // The Open End

The Man Who Stopped To Think // MiPOesias

San Pedro Prison on St. George’s Day // Spike Magazine

Diarrhoea Pigeon // Snipe

What a Mother Sees // Ranfurly Review

Remote, 1722 // For Every Year

Neither/Nor // Metazen

the earth has a skin // The Open End

two cents // The Open End

it’s a city at night // Underground Voices

everyman // Underground Voices (2009)

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