Jamie xx interview

Jamie xx


Softly spoken South Londoner Jamie Smith, aka Jamie xx, sits hands in black jacket, ankles crossed. We shake hands on the sun’s flood through the top window at XL’s HQ—it’s an unusually bright day in West London as Smith’s busy winter turns brightly toward an even busier spring, both for his band, The xx, and his solo work. Smith looks and sounds a little fatigued—he’s just finished his first solo LP; he’s working on a ballet; and he’s about to head over to BBC Radio 1 to lay down a session. There’s still a giddiness beneath the surface, though—and I suspect Smith would much rather be making music than talking about making it. And he doesn’t look the type to nap.

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Enemy (2013) and the Psychology of Infidelity

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There are countless films out there that deal in adultery – pick pretty much anything at random and there’s likely a bit of secret sex going on. And that’s usually the thing; it’s employed, often a little cheaply, as motivation for all kinds of plot-advancing shenanigans, from murder, to burglary, through fist fights, shootouts, bloody revenge – the lot. Infidelity is at the ground floor of many a narrative structure and for the characters, more often than not, it’s all about the sex.

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Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014) review


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Remember Keaton in Batman? Sure you do; that pouting mouth, those ridiculous eyebrows, the dull-eyed ebb of all artistic integrity, draining, bitterly slow, as soul is traded for merchandising opportunity. Oh, not that last one? You sure? Then that sounds like a job for Super-Existentialist-Man!

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Kirsten Dunst interview


Published 7th July 2014 // Flaunt Magazine

Kirsten Dunst is so alarmingly unassuming that, at first, I don’t even notice her standing beside me in a fuzzy pink sweater and blue jeans. She is, perhaps, the kind of performer who can easily swing from red carpet premiere all the way down to our current location: an emptied rave maze in Stoke Newington, with its box office-style marquee that often reads something to the effect of “Nelly’s Dirty 30.”

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Noah (2013) review


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Darren “Requiem for a Dream” Aronofsky has form. Not only that – with a brace of Oscar-winning films, writing/directing Black Swan Natalie Portman and The Ram Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler – he has longed for a project, it seems, to follow up what was the box office flop (though in some circles underrated) The Fountain (2007) – and here he presents Noah (shaven Crowe).

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