Alan Moore’s Mammoth Opus and the Longest Novels in the English Language

First published on AOL (June 27th 2011) //

With the legendary Alan Moore putting the final (probably magical) touches to his second Northampton-focused opus, Jerusalem, which runs to a biblical 750,000 words, we’ve decided it was high time to collect 10 of the longest books in the English language.

Some are masterpieces, some are unsurprisingly, little more than two thousand page farts of dullness.

Not to suggest Jerusalem will be boring (but it is about Northampton), as Moore has promised more experimental transplants of classic literary icons into this work, his theses on the non-existence of death and our perception of time, with an incomprehensible chapter in a “sub-Joycean” lingo to boot.

Yeah we’re as excited as you are. But for now, we’ve rounded up 10 of the longest novels in the English language and reduced each of them to a sentence. You could read them we suppose? Or at least start, until Jerusalem hits the shelves.

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