Picco (2010) Review

First published on Snipe for London Film Festival 2010 //

Director Philip Koch
Country Germany

When you watch Picco you get the feeling that former-critic and one-time film
student Philip Koch knows his stuff. In his feature debut follow-up to the award-
winning short Lumen, Koch skilfully blends the theory and artful subtlety that
seems to have informed his Nouvelle Vagary from criticism to filmmaking.

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The Kids Are All Right (2010) Review

First published on Snipe for London Film Festival 2010 //

Director Lisa Cholodenko
Country United States

The Kids Are All Right is a film that, like its two main characters, gets stuck in its meandering second half. And although it seems a sincere and even genuine slice of family life at first, Cholodenko’s latest directorial effort stumbles into a disappointing conclusion.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010) Review

First published on Little White Lies (March 12 2010) //

Pretension is a subject seemingly dear to Banksy. It’s all over his work, from his mordant stencils which inspired a boisterous surge in street art popularity, to his grand socio-political satires plastered across the most daring of locations, Banksy takes the clichéd and turgid and shrewdly spins it on its head.

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Surveying The Ruins of War Cinema

First published on Little White Lies (March 31 2010) //

The seemingly well-timed Best Picture Oscar for The Hurt Locker could either demonstrate film’s genuine power or its promotion of a skewed vision where, as Robert Fisk notes, “the sanctions that smothered Iraq for almost thirteen years have largely dropped from the story of our Middle East adventures. Our invasion of Iraq in March 2003 closed the page – or so we hoped – on our treatment of the Iraqi people before that date, removed the stigma attached to the imprisonment of an entire nation and their steady debilitation and death under the UN sanctions regime.”

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