Biography, of a man you don’t know, never will, in pictures // fiction

First published in Paraphilia Magazine Issue 12 (August 23rd 2011) //

First there was a thump with no screams, then an audible sagging like a paper bag deflating like a person sinking under the weight of his own bodily fluids like a fish drowning. Upstairs they were desperately trying to get dizzy from smoking flash burn cigarettes made almost entirely of gum paper save for an insufficient streak of tobacco that lit and disappeared into instant ash.

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The Exclamation Mark // fiction

First published on Metazen (October 4th 2011) //

‘I don’t understand why you’re so afraid of me!’

‘Look at you,’ he sneered, ‘You’re all up and down, too tall, so pointless.’ His voice began to get the better of him, his eyes too, filling up with anger. He checked himself and lay down his knife and fork, staring into the thing across from him: ‘And stop your damn shouting, breathing down on me. People can see us. You’re making a scene, you fool,’ Hermann said.

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